/Lowongan Engineers Di Jepang DeNA Co., Ltd

Lowongan Engineers Di Jepang DeNA Co., Ltd

*DeNA Co., Ltd.* (pronounced “D-N-A”) is a publicly traded online service
company operating e-commerce and social networking websites along with its
flagship social mobile gaming network, Mobage. We are seeking qualified
professional to join the team :

*Corporate Profile*

Established in Tokyo, Japan with the launch of an online auction service in
1999, DeNA has continued to create a stream of new business ventures that
have propelled the company’s growth. The company is rapidly expanding, and
has recently opened offices in Singapore, Sweden, and Seoul to add to its
offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, and San Francisco. Mobage itself has become
Japan’s number one social mobile gaming network and we are aggressively
expanding the network globally.


*Bachelor’s*: starting at 5 million yen(≒577,000,000 IDR)

*Master’s*: starting at 5.2 million yen(≒600,000,000 IDR)

It may vary depending on the skills and experiences


Tokyo, Japan (with potential opportunities to be attached to other offices)

*Job Description*

DeNA Software Engineers will work not only as a Software Engineer but also
as a Product Designer/Manager. You will drive the design and implementation
of not only the technological aspects of your product, but also its
associated features and content through a holistic and agile development

* *

*Job Category*

*1. Software Engineer, Games (GAMES)*

We are breaking new ground by creating social mobile games through which
users can cooperate, fight and communicate with each other asynchronously.
You will design, implement, release and improve such dynamic, networked
games for Smartphone (iOS, Android) users. Games will be released through
Mobage Global, China, and Japan.

*2. Software Engineer, Community Platform (CP)*

Mobage is not only a collection of highly successful games, but also a
social-networking platform for game users. Users can make friends and
interact with each other through the community, as well as invite each
other to play new games. You will design, implement and improve these
community features (and more) on Mobage.

*3. Software Engineer, Social API (API)*

Third parties can develop their own games to publish them on Mobage using
the Mobage Social API.
You will design, implement and improve the Social API based on the
OpenSocial specification, and also be responsible for improving its
massively scalable server architecture.

*4. Software Engineer, Cross Platform Game Framework (CPGF)*

DeNA and ngmoco are developing ngCore, a development framework that allows
smartphone games to be authored in JavaScript but with native application
performance by leveraging the ngcore libraries.
In this role. you will design, implement and improve the ngCore software

*5. Data Mining Engineer (DM)*

Our customers and production software are generating a huge amount of
content, data and logs every hour, every day. You will either design and
implement massively distributed computational environments for data
analysis, or you will be responsible for analyzing the acquired data to
find keys to improving our products and customer satisfaction, by
cultivating statistical and machine-learning technologies, etc.


*Bachelor’s Degree majoring equivalent*

*Master’s Degree majoring equivalent*

*Language Skills*

Fluent English


Successful applicants will be able to design and implement an idea to its
realization in a streamlined fashion. We do not require specific
programming language abilities or experience.

*Additional Information*

Successful applicants will be expected to be able to hold technological
discussions in Japanese after six months of intensive Japanese study,
provided for by the company.

*Notification of the screening process :*

1. *Registration*
2. *Submit the Project Report*
3. *Web Test*
4. *Interview on the web **(number of interviews will be deferent with
each person (2-3 times))*
5. *Final Interview in Japan *

*For more information, you can visit our website below:*